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Work hard, play harder? Break the vicious cycle and bring balance to your life

It’s a 7am start to your day-quick morning routine and off you go. Bus, train, tube, short walk and you are in the corner coffee shop just by your workplace. It’s one of those trendy places with a nice barista that can whip up the best cappuccino in town in 2 minutes. You ask for the usual, nothing else. Breakfast is not necessary. You get your hot cup, put your best corporate smile on and leave. It‘s time to do business. You are in the office now. Laptop on, phone on vibrate, posture straight. The day is on. Meetings, reports, phone calls, zoom calls, conference calls, catch ups, planning sessions, brainstorming sessions, ”pick your brain” sessions, “need a breather” coffee breaks. Feeling weak, what’s the time? 1.30pm! No wonder. “Can you please get me a sandwich, thanks!” Another cup of coffee, maybe two. “Do I need water? Maybe later.“ Quick team up. The sandwich! “Do you mind if I eat, didn’t have the time earlier!“ “No problem”. Standard. Back to the desk, email time! Project work. Planning sessions. We need to get this right. What is it? Don’t remember, now. We need to get it done.

It’s 7pm. it’s now quiet in the office. Just one more email. Maybe some actual work in silence. It’s 8.30pm now. I didn’t finish it all. Will finish at home. “Are you coming?“ Yes, of course. One pint, another pint. Maybe some crisps. “Shall we get a rum and coke?” Sure, let’s do this. It’s now 11.30pm back at home. Need to finish the work. I feel hungry. Let’s make some pasta. Done. Laptop back on. Another hour, maybe two, gone. What’s the time now, better not look at the clock. Let’s try to sleep. No, we have to now think about all the things that have gone wrong during the day, have all conversations with an imaginary win, tomorrow it will be all over again. No problem. Did I sleep? I think, so.

It’s the next day. The same. And the next day, and the next day.

Time for the weekend. I have to do everything I ever wanted, in two days. Sleep is for losers.

Monday again. We hate Mondays. The weekend was so much fun. Let’s get coffee. Breakfast? No time, will get a good lunch.

7 years later! Feeling exhausted. Unfulfilled. You have put on weight. But how? You barely eat. Drinks don’t count…


Sounds familiar? Maybe some of it, maybe all of it. We all have some sort of busy lives. This was mine, about two and a half years ago. The weight was not a massive problem at the time, but I kept on putting and it was a matter of time to be one. I definitely had sleep issues. Stress was never ending. It certainly couldn’t continue like this for long.

When I discovered the metabolic balance programme and had my three personalised menus, it not only gave me some structure to my days, it also gave me discipline.

Within 2 months, I dropped the weight, started getting some healthy hours of sleep, and managed to feel somehow more relaxed and yet energised.

I felt like I broke the viscous cycle. I no longer wanted to work hard and play harder. I didn’t mind the hard work as long as it gives me balance. The play part is no longer as if it’s for the last time. It’s still there. It’s different, it’s more relaxed, more outdoorsy, more active.

Curious to see pics!? Here’s a before and after. Struggled to find a pic that doesn’t cut half of me or is not covered in layers or long clothes. Though I never thought of myself as overweight, I didn’t really felt entirely comfortable in my skin - it was all about the long dresses, the long coats, the jumpsuits etc. The before pic is from Santorini, Greece in August 2019. The second pic is from Volos, Greece now - 24 July 2021! I thought it was a nice link so here it is.

The before - you can see slouched shoulders, full face, a little plump, the typical of my fashion style then long dress and a bit of a hand movement for Instagram. Didn’t post. I am 156cm tall and 62kg.

For the after picture, after a lot of efforts and much research, I didn’t manage to grow up in height but I certainly dropped the weight down to 52kg. Much more comfortable wearing my swim suit. This is now, on boat Barbera, taking off from Volos port to our first island.

I am off now sailing around the Sporades islands. I will certainly try the local cuisine, the seafood in Greece is really great and definitely metabolic balance friendly. I don’t intend on sticking to my usual programme that tightly, I will relax and enjoy my time. I will follow most of the rules to keep a healthy balance like have my three meals a day, plenty of water, the protein bite and the apple. Will most likely try the ouzo, too!

Follow my reels on Instagram for more @healthybuk for the daily food teasers this week only!


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