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What is metabolic balance ® programme? 

Why choose the programme?

The programme is designed by Dr. Wolf Funfack and his wife Birgit Funfack, a trained naturopath. The couple worked for years in Berlin in their own fields before creating a customiseable nutrition programme. Undergoing constant research and development, the programme is an anti-inflammatory method for managing weight and overall health. It is an award-winning and well-known throughout the world.


It's an anti-inflammatory programme based on a comprehensive, 36-factor blood test analysis and a preliminary assessment. The information gathered informs a proprietary algorithm that will use a data base of years of research and development to create a personalised meal plan. It's designed to engage the body's self-healing quality and to re-establishe your natural nighttime fat burning process (lipolysis) and kick start your metabolism.  

How can I start?

Book a free consultation to evaluate your suitability for the programme. It is imporant to note that the programme requires strong motivation and commitment to achieve success. Following the consultation, a blood test will be organised to evaluate your overall health and build your personalised menu plan. 

Can I continue with the sessions after the metabolic balance ® programme? 

Yes! I offer both individual coaching sessions and ongoing coaching subscriptions, so you can continue to receive guidance and support as needed, even after you complete the programme. Whether you have new goals you'd like to work towards, or simply want to maintain the progress you've made, I'm here to help. Just let me know when you're ready to schedule your next session, or sign up for a coaching subscription to receive regular support and accountability.

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All you need to know about the programme: benefits, success stories and studies. You can learn more on the official website for the metablic balance ® programme:


Click below and see what you will get when signing up. Note, this is only an example, do not use in any capacity. Every plan is highly customised and designed to work for the individual. 


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