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Alex, 31 - new year, new clear skin

New Year’s resolutions come easy. “I will live a healthy lifestyle”. Easy to say, difficult to achieve. Meet Alex, 31, she has been experiencing problems with her skin for years but through the metabolic balance programme ®, she has now discovered how the right foods can help with achieving a healthy living lifestyle. Currently on Phase 3 of the programme and about a month left to the end, she has experienced some great results of clear skin, weight loss of 8 kg and overall improved well-being. It’s not all roses though, lifestyle changes take time, patience and overcoming some big challenges. See what Alex says in her own words about her experience so far:

Hi Alex, you started the progamme back in November 2020. What a time to really begin a life-changing journey! At the start of the programme, how did you find the first couple of weeks of the strict phase?

I found the first couple of weeks of the strict phase the easiest. I guess because the programme was new and exciting, and the level of my motivation was the highest.

That’s great to hear! And going into the next stage which you have been on for the past two months, what changes have you observed for yourself in the weeks that followed in Phase 3?

Changes I observed in the beginning of phase 3 are improved mood, energy, enthusiasm and happiness. The world seemed better!

Knowing how we kept going into lockdowns, it sounds like you did the right thing going into the programme in November. Really good to hear about the overall results. I must say, the biggest change I can see is your skin. It’s aboslutely glowing! You are evaluating it with high scores week on week, what are your thoughts?

Nutrition and hormone levels have always been the main factors affecting my skin. So, I am not surprised that my skin has completely cleared since I am on the programme. Now my skin is smooth, my pores are smaller, my jaw acne is gone.



When we did your blood tests, you had some of the factors off range, now we have stabilised them. Can you see the difference in your overall wellbeing?

Yes, overall, I feel really healthy. I have lots of energy every day, my mind is clear, my mood is great and stable, however, I have sleep issues and even after more than 2 months on the programme I do not feel that my body has gotten used to it. I still feel hungry all the time (I mean in the hours between meals) and each meal does not give me satiety. It’s just a routine that I follow and that keeps me going. Also the objective keeps me on track and motivated but it is hard. I work a lot on myself to stay on the path.

It is a journey, don’t worry we will be continuing the programme for a little more time. You are yet to go into the best phase, the phase 4 where we will establish this as a lifestyle. You are ending the most difficult part of the programme and you have done so well. What are your thoughts about maintaining the metabolic balance programme as a lifestyle?

At this stage my thoughts are not so positive about staying on the metabolic balance as a lifestyle. I just think it is not sustainable because to me it is a life of constant restriction and rule keeping. It does not come naturally to me and my body. Also, I am fortunate now that the pandemic allows me to cook my meals and stick to the programme but I think I wouldn’t have been able to do it in pre-pandemic circumstances. It just doesn’t feel practical to constantly measure portions and stick to a specific list of foods… maybe if I had a personal chef :P but top line I support the method and the entire programme…

Being not so positive right now is normal. You have gone through the most difficult phase. Like you said the beginning was an easy one, staying on course is the difficult part. So far, you have achieved fantastic results. Don’t worry, I am here to help you get through it to the end.

We certainly have a bit more work to go through to help with your sleep and to ease the restrictions that may keep you up awake at night. In our next and final phase, we will start increasing slowly the quantities until we reach a level that you can maintain at which point the scales will be no more. We will do the ritual of breaking the scales and celebrating with a piece of cake!

Given the fantastic results so far but also considering some of the challenges you have experienced, what advice can you give to those who are considering the programme?

My advice for those who are considering the programme is to DO IT! The sheer self-awareness, body knowledge, practices that it teaches are invaluable. Going through the programme definitely teaches you a lot. It helps to understand before starting WHY you are doing it, WHAT you want out of it, and HOW determined you are. I also suggest to take all the time necessary to clarify these aspects and not to start the programme until you are completely ready no matter how long it takes.

Brilliant advice! Thank you so much for taking the time. We will be meeting in our next consultation! To those who are considering the very big task of changing a complete lifestyle to the healthy living, why not book a free consultation here and discuss how the programme can work for you.


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