BA (Hons), MSc, MSc PgD

Certified metabolic balance ® Coach

Qualified in Personnel Development (CIPD-accredited, MSc, 2012, King's college), I focused my corporate career in helping employees achieve work/life balance through psychology, engagement and wellbeing. After 10 years in the corporate world, the revelation was that healthy eating habits are an essential part of achieving this balance. Certified as a metabolic balance ® coach through the German programme in London, I am helping clients discover the potential within themselves by simply choosing the right foods for them.


It all started with my father who came across the metabolic balance ® programme through one of his business partners. He saw the amazing change his friend experienced such as weight loss, skin glow and though not typical of men to compliment each other's appearance, he somehow did exactly that. His partner couldn't stop singing its praises. "The key to the programme is personalised meal plans, not just what to eat and when but also how much. It's all coded into your blood. I sleep like a baby now. " He wanted the positive change for himself straight away. 

My dad went on the progarmme straight away. In just 12 weeks, he achieved his golden weight from his heyday, his stress levels went down, his medication for blood pressure was stopped after 2 years on the programme and his outlook on life completely changed. He is reaching the age of 60 but he has the energy of a boy!


My mum couldn't allow my father to have this amazing new discovery only for himself so she started it as well. For her the change was even greater. 3 months after the start and 10kg less, she basically had a total makeover - slimmer figure, healthy glow, new haircut, new fashion style... It all changed so much for her. So much so that when she celebrated her 60th birthday, the waiter put the cake in front of the wrong person, he thought that my mum was much younger! She was the happiest, the healthies, her best self!


Having seen the great benefits for my parents, I wanted that for myself, too. After 10 years in the corporate world and living the busy lifestyle that cosmopolitan London can offer, I was unhealthy to say the least. The stress and the lack of sleep were just minor problems compared to the slums of energy and the occasional depressing moments I had to battle to stay on top of work and personal life. I knew I needed a change. The inspiration and the example that I was given through my family was enough. 

In November 2019, I started the metabolic balance ® programme myself. The results were almost immediate and the wonderful change was so visible that even one of my friends decided to join in January 2020. Both of us were feeling great and after 3 months, we dropped over 10 kg, we felt as if we are back in our college years! Great results aside, the biggest upside has been managing the challenges of the infamous year of 2020.


The before story is a short one, life was very much work, sleep, repeat. Constant travelling and long office hours limited the joys of life to lazy days on the couch, binge watching the latest Netflix show. Stress and exhaustion took its toll, sleep was not something that was happening. It couldn't continue like that for much longer. 

After the programme, the results were fantastic. I lost weight, dropping two sizes! It was a reason to change my wardrobe. Energy was renewed, felt great. I had no longer problems with my sleep and my stress levels went down. Change was so great that when it came to the lockdown of 2020 and all that followed, I was somehow relaxed about it all. The adaptation didn't take much time. I started a fitness regime of yoga and HiiT training. Work hours were manageable in the home environment. Focus was just there, on its own! I even had the energy to return to long lost hobbies such as piano, reading, running, cycling and even picked up a couple of new ones like tennis and roller blading. I felt I can do anything.

I fully attribute the positive change to the metabolic balance ® programme. But it's different for everyone. For my father, the change was in renewed energy for his own business (new deals started rolling somehow) and his family (he is now moving into a new place with my mum). For my mother, it's thoughts of career change and focusing fully on family and looking after my grandparents, I mean besides the obvious new looks she is enjoying.

What are your healthy goals? 

The metabolic balance ® offers a personalised meal plan that will reset your metabolism and get you going. Sticking to the plan will require persistency and discipline but I will be there to guide you through the process. Get in touch today to book your 30 min free appointment.