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The 4 stages of the programme

You have gone through the initial consultation, the blood work is done, and you have your highly personalised nutrition plan in your hands. What's next? How does it all work?

You probably want to know what the steps are to the promised life transformation. You want to get down to the specifics, be clear on what to do, when and how. First of all, you will receive a schedule with your 7 consultations in a span of at least 12 weeks. Scheduled at a convenient time for you, you will have a clear calendar plan and a way of tracking your progress. Together, we will go through all the stages. Great, but what are the stages, you ask?

The stages are four in total and it will give you the time you need to fully reset your metabolism. The full hormone reset is gradual and very much tailored to you!

Stage 1: Preparation Phase

We will agree a start date and on the day you will go through a gentle cleansing of the body. The goal is to restore your digestive capacity and prepare your metabolism for the changes to come. One element of this is to reduce your cravings. It lasts only two days and it consists of light meals, lots of water and some Epsom salts (or other cleansing products by your choosing, I can advise on what the options are but the salts are the best way to do it). Caffeinated drinks will not be included for those two days and it’s best to start on the days when you can fully set your mind to the programme.

Phase 2: Strict phase

A two-week long phase will get you to optimise your nutrition. You will be given a list of specific foods, it will be exactly what your body needs to get the best out of the nutrients offered. Categorised by proteins, carbohydrates and additional food information, you will regulate your metabolism. It’s normal during this time to have an adjustment of weight. If some of your goals are to lose weight, you can shave off 3-5 lbs (up to 3kg) in just two weeks. No oils will be included and food quantities will be specific to what your body needs. We will discuss this phase in detail and if needed, recipes and a full menu can be provided to ease you into the programme. It’s key to stick to 8 metabolic balance ® rules and your personalised food list.

Phase 3: Relaxed phase

This is the stage that can take several weeks to complete. Your metabolism is reset and a hormonal balance is achieved. This is where you will see amazing changes in your body. Some clients have reported clear skin, much lighter body, increased focused, better sleep, even a refined palette. You will feel a renewed energy and strength.

We will add oils (olive, coconut and ghee oils are preferred) to your menu which will make your cooking experience much better. I will talk to you about a selection of spices that will enrich your food experience.

We will also look at an expanded list of foods that will make your shopping experience, an otherwise mundane chore, much more exciting and definitely something to look forward to.

Phase 4: Maintenance phase

This phase is about fully establishing your eating habits, it’s about creating a lifestyle that is the best fit for you. This is where the long-term effects of the programme are solidified. Like I said before, this is not a fad diet, it’s a life changing programme. You will establish a better overall well-being and long-lasting regulation of your metabolism.

In the next blog, I will share more about the 8 fundamental rules of the plan. It’s all about new eating habits that will be the core of your new healthy balance in life.

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