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What is the metabolic balance ® programme?

To start with, metabolic balance® is not a diet. At least not in the traditional sense of the word where dieting means constant hunger and endless moodiness all for a temporary solution that doesn’t really fix anything.

What the propgramme is though is an amazing way of getting your body working in a natural and safe way. Losing weight just happens on its own and is only one of the many benefits offered.

It’s actually a re-balancing way for hormones and metabolism, resetting the current metabolic functions of your body. Basically, it gets you using energy and lose fat. Metabolic Balance® is a tried and tested way that 'leads to a new, invigorating lifestyle that leads to successful long-term weight loss.' Participants should expect to lose 3-6lbs (approximately 1 to 3 kg) every week or so.

Speaking of things that it is not, here’s another one. It is not a one-off deal, this is a lifestyle changing programme that will build healthy eating habits, getting you to commit to an overall healthy lifestyle. Inevitably, it can protect you long-term from some of the health conditions you might be predisposed to such as Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, fatigue.

The Metabolic Balance ® is a widely practised programme with over 25 years in research and development and numerous clients across the world. Even celebrities like Boy George and Sam Smith have discovered the benefits for themselves. Check out this article in Get the Gloss, it describes the beginning of the programme in a hilarious and real way, great inspiration to read.

Built by a German team (just mentioning this as an absolute stamp of efficiency and proof that it works!), the programme was created with years of experience and experimentation. Who were the people behind it, you may ask? Meet the creators, Dr Wolf Funfack and food scientist, Silvia Bürkle. Their work was meticulously recorded in this scientific paper that explored the effects of people going on the Metabolic Balance ®. It's an academically tested proof of the long-term effects of the programme!

Still not entirely sure this is something for you? Don’t worry, it’s not a one-size fits all programme, pre-assessment is required to evaluate whether you are a good fit. Additionally, blood tests are done as the basis for the customised nutrition programme that will be suitable only for you and no one else. The success stories out there are a true testament to what you can achieve for yourself. You can read the testimonials here.

You want to see if this is something you can do, book a free 30-min appointment at


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