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How to lose weight for good

Losing weight for good may be a daunting task. You have always wanted something but never really had the strength, the time, or the patience for it. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated though. It can be somewhat simple but it does require persistency and staying on course until you build your healthy habits.

1. Having breakfast is a must!

Don’t skip it! It’s one of the most important meals of the day. This is the time when your body slowly wakes up, you will need energy for the day ahead. Guess which parts of your body require energy the most – the heart and the brain, kind of important. You also get your metabolism working.

2. Eat regular meals – 3 meals a day is enough!

To burn calories faster, you have to teach your body discipline. Having three meals a day at regular times will stop you from snacking (unnecessary calories during the day) and give you the space to stay focused and stay on course.

3. Add veggies and fruits to your diet

To lose weight most naturally and organically is possible through natural and organic produce. Fruits and veggies are low in calories and fat, and high in fibre – useful for dropping those pounds.

4. Drink water, lots of water!

The rule is for every kg of body mass you have, you drink 0.35 ml of water. Just do it! The water will get rid of the toxins and keep your organism at its best. Also, in the moments when you think you may be hungry, a glass of water will change your mind.

5. Get moving

Just start walking for at least an hour, do that cycle ride around the neighborhood, go to that gym class your friend told you about – just get moving! It keeps you fit, can help improve your mental wellbeing, and of course, help you shed off the extra pounds.

6. Reduce the alcohol

Even better, just have it on occasion – friday evening, wedding, best friend’s birthday. Leave the student, carefree days behind when the sunrise in the morning was enough of a reason for hours of indulgent drinking. Just drink that water!

7. Get a personalised meal plan

Speak with a specialist on how to get yourself a personalised plan – a doctor, nutritionist, dietician, food coach. First, you will need to understand more about your health profile – get a blood test and go through a health questionnaire. Sex, age, medical history can all play a part in what foods to eat. You can tackle specific medical problems with the right diet like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

The metabolic balance ® programme uses years of research and data to create customised food plans with a proven track record in losing weight for good. If you want advice on how to get started with the programme, get in touch with Radost Petrova, certified metabolic balance ® coach at


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