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Benefits of personalised nutrition: why choose the metabolic balance ®

As Dr. Wolf Funfack, founder of the programme, once said, “food is nature’s medicine”. Scientific analysis of a blood sample can give an incredible reading of your health status and it can give the exact information necessary for the creation of a personalised menu plan. You will know exactly which veggies and fruits, for example, can boost your metabolism and subsequently your immune system.

This sounds all good but... there are plenty of diets out there promising the same or similar results! There is certainly the keto diet, going vegetarian is always an option, signing up to one of the easy to follow commercial weight management programmes (offering ready made meals available supermarkets). Why is this programme any better than any other one out there?

Why should you choose metabolic balance ® for your health?

The answer is in our evolution!

For millions of years, our ancestors have had to master the skills of hunters and gatherers in the search for food for mere survival going from periods of prolonged fasting to short lived feast times. Around 5 to 10 thousand years ago, a more settle lifestyle developed but even then farming was very much needed. Strenuous activities were part of our life. It was only in the last 100 years, a good, settled, urbanised way of living developed.

We basically evolved from highly active beings who are capable of running marathon distances just to find our dinner and if lucky enough have it, to ploughing a piece of land for days on end to get a loaf of bread to eventually, sitting in our homes, browsing the latest food app and finding the quickest delivery time of the closest Italian restaurant.

We went from "slow food " to "fast food" in a blink of an evolutionary moment.

Our metabolism has evolved to serve a different lifestyle but it also means that it coded our genes to respond very well to natural resources. The metabolic balance ® programme gives the password to unlocking our “bio-software” once and for all. Most diets out there have short-term results and frequently, at the expense of greater health problems after. This programme selects the right whole foods in the right quantities and combinations and gives you the key to unlocking YOUR metabolism.

Personalisation is key to achieving success!

Each plan is designed to balance the organism to give an energised, supercharged healthy body. Some of the benefits can be:

1. Successful weight management for good;

2. Measurable improvement of your health* (in most cases medication is usually lowered in quantities because the body finds a way of dealing with the problems on its own);

3. Managed health issues (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, insomnia, gluten allergy, skin problems, gut health etc.).

You will be oiling the biological machine that your body is, finding a healthy rhythm in its functions and giving you focus and energy that you have never experienced before. It will break you away from unhealthy eating habits to set you on the path of an incredible, new lifestyle!

Contact me for more information on how the programme can work for you. In the next article, you will meet with Alex who, at the age of 32, tackled the lifelong problems of her skin. Within 10 weeks, she already has fantastic visible results.

*(blood tests, available upon request, will show us the progress and the state of your health before, during and/or after the programme).


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