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3 easy steps to getting started with the metabolic balance ®

The programme is highly individualised and tailored to you. To ensure the right plan is built for you, there are a few easy steps that you can go through when enrolling.

Step 1: Arrange a preliminary session

To start with, you simply have to book a 30 min free consultation. During the session, I will talk to you about your motivation to do the progamme and what your healthy goals are.

Typically, people will look to lose weight, balance their blood sugar levels, manage their blood pressure and stress levels, address skin problems, allergies, identify a gluten-free diet and much more. Discussing these aspects will be important when selecting the right foods for you.

Step 2: Test your blood and go through a health check

The next step would be to arrange a blood test in a nearby clinic. This is the key to your individualised nutrition plan. 36 factors will be evaluated to build a picture of your health state. Once results are out, we will have our first consultation during which we will go through your medical history, discuss allergies and other health aspects relevant for the progamme.

For the curious minds, find a snippet of a test result below. You can see what information a blood sample can give us and why it will be the basis for how best to build your nutrition plan. Heamatology, for example, is related to the red blood cells in your body. They transport oxygen around the body but they also carry a variety of nutrients and waste products. Interesting fact: in one drop of blood, there are about 5 million red blood cells containing the transport protein haemoglobin. The first item on the list below!

Sample Test Result

Step 3: Receive your customised nutrition plan

Finally, your customised nutrition plan will be created. It can take up to 7 working days for the plan to be built. Once ready, you will receive a pack with the full information of the programme advising you of exactly what to eat and how much. See below a sample menu, key aspect in the information pack.

After you receive your official metabolic balance ® plan, you will enter into the four stages of the resetting of your metabolism. We will arrange a number of consultations suited to you to guide you through the plan that can usually take 12 weeks. The four phases aim to prepare your body, set the routine and the discipline, relax you into building your eating habits and most importantly, maintain a new lifestyle.

In the next blog, I will tell you more about what the four phases actually include, giving you further insight into what you can expect from this award-winning nutritional programme. In the meantime, book your preliminary consultation for free with me at


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