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with the award-winning metabolic balance ®

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The programme helps you optimise your body functions that affect all biochemical processes in the body. It can lead to fantastic results and benefits: 

  • Achieve your goal weight and keep it

  • Eliminate food cravings 

  • Clear your skin 

  • Manage successfully physical health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, diabetes 

  • Tackle successfully mental health issues 

  • Reduce or removing medication 

  • Overcome food allergies with clarity on your nutrition

  • Get good and energising sleep, tackling insomnia 

  • Receive overall better quality of life


Tried and tested approach 

Over 1 million customers, across 28 countries have trusted the plan with fantastic results. It has strong evidence in managing weight and overall well-being in the long term. 

Personalised meal plans

A health assessment and blood work of 32 factors will be  used to create a personal health profile on the basis of which specific proteins, carbohydrates, fats will be selected for you. 

Specialised coaching in nutrition and well-being 

You will receive tailored consultations on how to manage the programme and achieve your health eating goals delivered by a certified coach. 

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